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What Is Google Up to Now?

I came across this article over at The Small Business Blog. It is very, very interesting. I am going to use the screenshot he took of a google search that was done on “Apple Focus Customer”.

Don't see anything weird yet, do you? Ok, here's where is gets really interesting. See that first line? The one that states “I cannot say enough good things about Apple customer support”. That line is nowhere on his blog. It is not in a blog post. It is not in the comments. Yet, it is showing up in the search engine like that. Interesting? It gets better though. The only posts about Apple have to do with BAD customer support. This ranking is sitting on the first page for that search. This isn't sitting in the supplemental index.

I'll admit — I was Google slapped like so many of the blogs out there. However, this makes no sense whatsoever. If google is penalizing so they can get more relevant results, then how do things like this even happen? Anyone else have a kooky story like this too?

EDIT:  Amy found where the original comment came from.  It is on this post and it is comment #6!

14 thoughts on “What Is Google Up to Now?

  1. It seems like your saying google is slapping false info on links. Am I right? If so, that's nuts. Are they allowed to do that? Well, maybe since it is their engine, but it's wrong!! We should boycott google. LOL

  2. Wow, I've been seeing that for weeks with searches I'm doing, but hadn't thought about it much. I figured there was something someone slapped in meta tag someplace, since the text is usually a reflection of the description tag. Hadn't thought there might be something screwy going on with google.

  3. That is really weird. How bad was your google slap? That search you show there could be from someone that is trying to manipulate search results. Goolge doesn't always catch those people. If you consider the size of the internet they search results are pretty dang good if you ask me.

  4. Mike, the guy isn't buying paid links. He is seriously as confused as the rest of us to why this come up like this. He wrote about BAD customer service and the search engine is showing good. Figure that out.

    I personally went from a 4 to a 2.

  5. I got spanked too, on my two primary blogs and it surprised me because I have more back links and traffic than ever before.

    That's pretty dern scary and strange at the same time!

  6. wowzer chick. that's crazy. i have had that happen before, but i never paid attn to it really. i look for something specific…then it pops up under a heading that has no info on the topic whatsoever. good thing i switched to other search engines.

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