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What the???

I got a bill from our gas company today.  Supposably, we are late because I didn't pay the budget plan amount last month.  Ummm, that would be kinda hard since they didn't bother to send me a bill.  It is a tad frustrating.  Tomorrow, I get to spend on the phone with them arguing over this.  The best part is that I have money built up in our account, but of course, they didn't use any of that.  **bang head here**

2 thoughts on “What the???

  1. Fight them well! Last week the phone company people were right outside my door as I was driving out, and they were about to cut the line to my phone. I demanded them to stop lest they wanted me to smash into their ladder, they started yelling at me saying that I hadn't paid my bills.

    GOsh some people are such idiots. Anyway, it's a good thing I keep all of my receipts. Good luck!

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