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What’s Good? What’s Bad? Who to trust? With Christmas Presents??!!??

With what just happened with the Zhu Zhu Pets (a consumer group said they were unsafe and they are just fine), it is hard to know who and where to trust for toys. Also, with all the recalls out there, it's hard to know what toys are really safe. That being said there are two sites you should be checking out if you, like me, have questions about the Christmas presents you've bought (or going to buy).

ToyInfo.org gives you tips for the right toys for your family.  It is a one stop resource for you to learn about toys and play.  There is toy safety facts, recall information, discussion boards, videos, and play guides.

ToyAwards.org shows you the top toys nominated for 2010 (there are 81, so there is definitely something here for everyone).  You can see which toys the experts think are the best.  The cool thing is that you can vote for your favorite toys.  There is also a contest to win one of the toy packages!  I personally love the downloadable shopping list.

If you are still needing to get some toys this Christmas, make sure you check out these sites before you head out!

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