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What’s on your do to list?

What's on your honey to do list that never seems to get done?  I know I've got a ton of stuff.  Here's a short list of mine:

1.  Clean and organize my attic.  This area seems to get worse and worse and even more cluttered.

2 (aff).  Clean and organize the junk room in my basement.  When we redid the basement 2 (aff) yrs ago, we threw everything in that room.  Well, it's still there!!!!

3 (aff).  The house getting a good cleaning.  I always say I'm going to hire somebody to do this and I never do.  And I don't do it either.  🙂  My house gets weekly cleanings but I want somebody to clean the top of the fridge and all the stuff I hate doing!

4.  Landscaping in the yard.  I've started this but man it's a lot of work.  I have a feeling that most of my plans aren't going to get done, but hey, they look great in my mind!

5. Painting my fence. It looks pretty bad and nobody wants to do it!

That's my list! What's yours? Let me know here or on Twitter Moms!

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