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When We Left Earth

The Discovery Channel is awesome.  I have another show on there you have to watch.  It's called When We Left Earth, and it is all about the space program.  You get to watch the real footage from when man first went into space, and when he went to the moon.  I know the next show is going to show the Challenger mission.  The reason I find this so interesting is that I wasn't even born in the time frame of the first two shows.  It is one thing to read the history in a book; it is another to actually see it unfold in front of you.  You can feel the tention in the room while you are waiting to see if they actually make it into space.  They even interview the people involved now to tell you what they thought back then.  The technology they had back then is just mindblowing. It is hard that they made it into space with what they had.  I accidentally caught this one night, and I am glad I did.

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