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Where did Q101 go?

If you are a local here in Chicago, you probably turned on Q101 last week and heard the DJs do their last goodbyes.  It was hard no matter how much of a happy face they tried to put on it.   Q101 has been here in Chicago almost 20 years.  The kicker was today when the company that bought Q101 put a Red Hot Chili Peppers song for the last 12 hours.  It’s just autoplayed the same song.  It’s basically sticking up the middle finger at the long time Q101 listeners.  Here’s the crazy thing though — there are no longer any rock stations in Chicago and that’s just wrong.

However, we have not lost everything.  After doing some research, I found out that The Chicagoland-based Broadcast Barter Radio Networks has purchased Q101 and all related intellectual property and social media assets from Emmis Communications. BBRN will now own the Q101 name, the Q101 logos and images, 19 years of recordings, 19 years of promotional materials, the online Q101 Club and perhaps biggest of all, the website Anything and everything Q101 related will now be owned and cared for by BBRN — even Robert Murphy’s straight jacket from the old Q101 commercials! Merlin Media did not purchase any of these physical or intellectual materials when they agreed to purchase WKQX and two other stations from Emmis Communications in June.  As I write this, I am listening to

BBRN is inviting all listeners and fans of Q101 to visit and join its email “Q101 Club” so they can be kept up-to-date on what BBRN is calling the “re-birth and re-invention” of Q101. The company promises the fans of Q101 that they will have a “big say” in the music and content heard on the radio station across all platforms.

BBRN’s co-founder Mike Noonan says: “We couldn’t stand to watch this tremendously important brand to Chicago, with all of its history and the impact it’s had on this city, the radio business, and the music industry, simply go by the wayside. Today is a great day for alternative music fans and Q101 listeners! Advertisers are going to love the opportunities we have with this brand and’s reach and performance!”

Matt DuBiel, BBRN’s other co-founder, adds: “I remember the first time I heard Nirvana. It was on Q101. Q101 is where I got my first paycheck in radio. It’s an emotional time for anyone who’s ever been involved with Q101, and we have a standing offer to the Talent and sales staff to join us at! We have big plans for! One of the first orders of business is make the Q101 App completely FREE for all listeners!”

I am sad that Q101 on the radio is gone.  But thank you BBRN for picking up the torch and allowing Q101 to live on!

5 thoughts on “Where did Q101 go?”

  1. Emmis the company that ran WKQX was not even a Chicago company. Mike Noonan and Matt Dubiel are Chicago natives. This is very interesting. Things are changing minute to minute. Not sure what to think about the RHCP song for hours and hours on FM..but. I have not relied on internet radio as much, we shall see what Mike and Matt can do. Its a good investment for them as there are parts to the programming no doubt worth whatever was paid to Emmis.

  2. It's not clear to me whether the new owners put that track on repeat, or if the last Q101 employees did it on their way out the door.

    Oh well. It's a catchy song anyway, and at least it wasn't one of their overplayed tracks (well, until yesterday at least…LOL).

    The programming on FM 101 this morning was HORRIBLE, by the way. This is tragic. There's nothing of significance on the FM dial any longer for alt rock fans. Hopefully someone fills the void soon.

  3. Time to get a better antenna and hope I can get 95 WIIL Rock in…. Hint hint here WIIL rock, get a taller tower and pump more power through it so you can blanket the entire Chicago area vs. the northern burbs only.

  4. In the early eightys, my daughter was asked to come down to the studio, to do a promo for 'Mur phy in the morning.' I'm trying to find someone that has the audio. I had heard that when Murphy came back for a short stint using the same format they heard her.Please if anybody can lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it.. Tom

  5. This is some BS. and yes they are my initials. The only reason I still had radio was because of Q101 FM Alternative Rock! Its gone so is my radio i recycled it. As for the new owners of Q101 I hope they do not last long.


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