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Where to Find Color Ideas for Painting and Decorating

This is a guest post.

Nature inspired paint color schemeLife is not lived in monochrome which is plain old black and white. Everywhere we turn there is color. We see in color. We dream a lot of the time in color. A popular question people ask is “what is your favorite color?”. So it's hard to even imagine our world without color!

Chances are, you know what colors you look best in, and what color clothes make you look washed out or older than you are. Now consider this: if clothes can make a difference not only in the way you look but also in how you feel and how others respond to you, then those same colors can be used in your home (aff) for a similar effect! And why not? Most people never think about it, but it makes perfect sense to surround yourself with the colors you look and feel great in – that way both you and your home (aff) will look your best at all times.

Another way to find beautiful color combinations for your home is to turn to Nature. Sunrises, sunsets, all the colors and shades of our sky resonate with us on some level. How do the brown tones of deserts, or the turquoise, blues and greens of our oceans make you feel? Or maybe it's the different shades of white that can be seen in snow or sands, or the beaches of Bermuda awash in pink that spell “perfection” to you? Realize that you can re-create the “mood” and “atmosphere” of your favorite natural environment in your home by simply copying the colors and using them on the walls, in fabrics and accent pieces in your decor.

But if you can't visualize nature in your living room or bedroom, visit some home and garden shows or take some model house tours to get your creative juices flowing. Even furniture stores and home decor boutiques can give your ideas for a successful color scheme. You will often find that they have “partial rooms” set up to display their furniture and accessories, so pay attention to the backgrounds and color combinations – they are usually put together by professional color experts, so you can copy with confidence.

You can also get color ideas for painting and decorating from visiting friend's homes, museums or even watching movies and paying attention to the backgrounds and details of the rooms shown. Home decorating magazines are another fabulous source of ideas. And of course since you are already online, you can browse through photos of professionaly designed and colored rooms, or visit the websites of paint manufacturers to add to your arsenal of project inspiration.

Colors can make us feel warm and cozy, or cold and uncomfortable, relaxed and peaceful or jazzed up and hyper. Just like with the colors we wear, the way we paint and decorate our homes reflects our personalities and affects our moods and thoughts. Ideas abound, and are as different as the people who have them, so you may or may not agree with others. But the important thing to always keep in mind is, your home is personal to you, so YOU have the final say in what is appropriate for your lifestyle, taste and your home's design. Because when it comes to color, there is no right or wrong – only personal preferences.


Yelena Kublitski is a professional color expert and editor of a house painting website, where she teaches DIY homeowners how to choose interior paint colors and create room color schemes for painting and decorating a home.

3 thoughts on “Where to Find Color Ideas for Painting and Decorating

  1. Wonderful article! Great idea on using the same colors in your house that look good on you and make you feel good in person. Who knew colors could be so important that they may affect the way you feel! Like you said, there are many resources out there to use to help you find the perfect color scheme. Whether it's consulting friends or visiting a model home tour, good luck in finding the perfect color for you!

  2. You do not need to feel overwhelmed with the ordeal. Plan and coordinate colors for every room in your home, you can take one step at a time. Assess each room individually and make notes in the amount of natural light it receives, what kind of lighting you used and the color lasts best compliment the natural architectural features of your home. It 'easy to evaluate this information, if you have lived here for quite a while' time.

  3. I read somewhere there is psychology in colors, it would be worth looking it up, then deciding how you’d like to feel in each room before choosing a color to paint your walls.

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