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Where’s my neighbor?

As I have discussed before, I have lots of luxury homes being built by me. More importantly, I have one being built next door. When I found this out, I was excited. Now, I can't stand it.  Why?  The builder is an idiot.  This property was bought almost 2 (aff) years ago, and they still haven't finished the house.  They haven't even closed the house up.  Last winter, they poured the foundation before it snowed and then just left it all winter.  Now, we have a host of creatures that live in there, since they have not closed up the house.  I can't see how they are ever going to sell this house.  There's mold growing on the walls in the basement.  As I said, my neighbor are critters like possums, cats, and who knows what else.  I know if I was spending the big bucks I wouldn't want to move in there.

However, I have seen a ton of these houses, and when they are done correctly, they are gorgeous.  I know I definitely wouldn't mind living in them when the builder does what they are suppose to.  I have been considering calling my trustee to see what they can do (not much, I am sure).  I have called animal control several times, but they don't ever call back.  Any ideas?

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