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Which Netflix family are you?

Can you believe that Gilmore Girls is back? From Friday night dinners to a daily cup of coffee (or three) at Luke’s, the Gilmores are full of unique quirks and traditions that rival even the most beloved Netflix families. Whether your family embodies the spirit of the fast-talking Gilmores or is more like the group-hugging Fullers or slightly strange Byers, when it comes to dynamics and traditions, how does your family compare?

Find out what to watch next on Netflix based on your favorite family units, and try to share the remote this holiday season.

If you’re the family that appreciates a cozy night in like the Gilmores…

Gilmore-Girls logo
Reserve the couch and grab the comfy blanket for: The Little Prince, New Girl, The Little Rascals.

If you’re the family that tends to overshare like the Bluths

Arrested-Development v3

Put on your earmuffs and dive into the craziness of: Haters Back Off, The Ranch, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

If you’re the family that always shows affection like the Fullers

Fuller House logo

Get cozy with: Girl Meets World, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights.

If you’re the family that is known for being just a little eclectic like the Byers….

Stranger-Things logo

Embrace the weird with: The Addams Family, Corpse Bride, Practical Magic.

If you’re the family that respects a good dance party like the Kiplings

The-Get-Down logo
Get down with: Beat Bugs, Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids, Glee.

What shows' family are you most like?

18 thoughts on “Which Netflix family are you?

  1. Stranger Things we loved watching together and are like the Bryers. We are going to have to watch a few of these show on Netflix after we finish watching Black Matter. Thanks for sharing the shows.

  2. Gilmores for sure! We are huge fans and have 2 episodes left for the new revival and I can say, my daughters and I are much like the gilmores!

  3. I must be the only one who hasn’t watched this show. Lol. I did hear great things about it. Hopefully, I can catch an episode soon.

  4. I think we are a mix of all of these families. We love a little bit of everything which is why we love Netflix.

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