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Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse with ErgoMotion

The Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse with ErgoMotion is the world’s first truly ergonomic compact mouse.  It has the three most sought-after computer mouse features: Up to 800-dpi hi-def laser sensitivity, 2 (aff).4 GHz wireless connectivity and extra long battery life.  The ErgoMotion™ pivot system reduces your risk of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) by adding motion!  The mouse will lean, swivel or pivot with your movement so your hand and wrist are never in a fixed position, creating the most comfortable and healthy mousing experience ever.

I know you are wondering about how it works.  Honestly, it's one of the best mouses I've owned.  This mouse does take a day or two to get use to.  However, once you do, it is great.  As someone who suffers from carpal tunnel pain now and then, I can say that I haven't had any since using this mouse.  Since the mouse it is on it's own platform, it doesn't matter what you are using the mouse on.  I tried the table, the counter, my lap, and the couch.  On all these surfaces, the mouse worked perfectly fine.  Another pretty cool feature is that the USB plugin actually fits right in the mouse for when you travel.

The Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse with ErgoMotion is a mouse I can only recommend after using for myself!

4 thoughts on “Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse with ErgoMotion

  1. Good highlights on this mouse, its kinda cute in come view, i really love the ergonomically design.

    good review though. i like it.

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