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White House Countdown

You all know how I feel about President Bush. If you do not, well let's just say I did not vote for the man. Either time. That being said, I found a site called White House Countdown. They poke fun at all in the political spectrum. This isn't a site against just Republicans or just Democrats. It picks on them both (quite well, might I add). I personally like the Candidate Maker. If you don't like your choices right now for President, make your own! They also have videos that people have made. Make sure you have some free time before you delve into there. You can lose hours while you watch these and laugh. There are several games you can play like PAC Attack (Political Action Committee), Paintball Politics, and Fat Cat Ball. These games are so easy to do that my 3 year old was having a blast with me this morning!  You can also find trivia games, caption contests, and opinion forums.  There is a little something for everyone.

This is the first gaming site dedicated to the 2008 elections and they have done a fine job at it too. If you can't take a joke, don't bother checking this out. If you can, have fun! Sign up is free, so what are you waiting for?

3 thoughts on “White House Countdown

  1. I really have no idea right now who I would choose for president, not that I can vote anyways. I just hope Hilary doesn't become president.

  2. I'm with Melissa. I think I'll have to move if Hillary wins the election. *gag*

    Can't stand Bush, either. I can hardly wait to go play the game! Thanks! 🙂

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