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Who’s going to Izeafest??? YOU!!!!

This contest is now over. The winners are Anne and Rob! Congrats and I'll be contacting them shortly!

As many of you know, I have gone to several conferences over the years (and you've all seen the pictures). Now, this will be my third year going to Izeafest, and I want to see you there! Yes, you! If you don't come, you'll be missing:

  • Speakers like Ted Murphy, Aaron Brazell, Arleen Anderson, Brett Bumeter, Brian Clark, Chris Brogan, Chris Heuer, David Binkowski, George Smith, Joseph Jaffe, Julia Roy, Lucretia Pruitt, Michael Gray, Rae Hoffman, Sarah Austin, Sarah Evans, Warren Whitlock, Wendy Piersall, and Zena Weist.
  • Learning how to blog better at the sessions that are offered like developing your brand and traffic strategies.
  • Awesome parties and food. (now this shouldn't be the only reason you go to a conference, but it sure is a good one!)
  • Swag (need I say more?)
  • A free ticket to Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens for Thursday night
  • A free ticket to SeaWorld on Sunday

According to what I've been told, you need to pack flip-flops, sunscreen, a laptop, and…oh yeah…your fanciest coconut top.  Now, I've managed without the coconut top, so you may survive without it.  That being said, do you want to go to this conference?

If so, it takes place on October 1 – 4, and I can help you get there!  I am giving away 2 tickets (each ticket valued at $229) to the Izeafest conference.  You will need to get your own hotel and airfare (I highly recommend Southwest and special rates are being given at Renaissance Hotel.) but I can hook you up to get in.

Here's what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post. Look over my blog tell me something you learned like my kids ages for example. Also, I want to know why you want to win one of these tickets! You must do both for your entry to be valid.

Each of these gives you one additional entry:

1. Twitter about this contest. Please leave me your username so I can verify. Or use something like this:

RT @blm03 is giving away 2 Izeafest tickets! http://mythoughtsideasandramblings.com/2009/08/04/whos-going-to-izeafest-you/

2. Stumble this post and add this post to other social media sites like Digg, Kirtsy, Blogging Zoom, Reddit, Propeller, Etc. (1 entry for each social network).

Each of these gives you 5 additional entries:

1. Blog about this on your blog. Please give me the URL, so I can verify.

2. Add this to any forums you belong too. Please give me the URL, so I can verify.

3. Subscribe to this blog using either my email or RSS feed

4. Add my badge to your sidebar:

My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings

If this isn't working, please let me know. For some reason, WordPress seems to be eating the code up when I post.

This will give you 10 additional entries:

1. Join my Spark E Crew at Social Spark. Click here to find out how to sign up. If you are on my crew, please leave your social spark ID, so I can verify it.

This contest will end at August 18nd at noon CST! Good Luck and I hope to see you there!!!!!

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75 thoughts on “Who’s going to Izeafest??? YOU!!!!

  1. You are from Wisconsin but now reside in the Chicago area with your husband and two children ages 5 and 2.

    My wife and I want to attend Izeafest for the experience and to attend some awesome workshops as well as meet other bloggers and to network.


  2. Your name is Lisa and you've (unfortunately) been transplanted from Green Bay (Ashwaubenon) WI to that sad little place called Illinois. (LOL!) Oh and you've been featured in the NY Times!

  3. I learned that you got to go on a yacht ride thanks to Lands End 🙂 lucky you!

    I would love to win a ticket, we would love to learn how to bring more traffic to our site plus I want to meet all the other bloggers I've become friends with over the past year.

  4. I learned you've been featured in the NY time, congrats on that! I want to go because this would be my first blogging related event. I want to connect the faces with the names, and meet other bloggers, get new ideas, and squeeze in some time for fun because that's what life is all about. Making memories! :mrgreen:

  5. Howz this twitter hashtag? #blogomommaneedstowinatickettoizeafestpleasehelp

    What I've learned about Lisa : She's BUSY!

    Two kids and 1 hubby in the windy city, is work girl! Watch the speed limits if you go back to visit the fam in Wisconsin (they don't like us crossing the border!). Quoted in the NYT, and interviewed by three major publications. Muy impressive girl! I love the blog post header "driving while intexticated" Catchy! OH! and if I EVER get to switzerland I better be at the Ritz! Do they have that there? 🙄

  6. I learned that you don't like walmart because they are non union. that flip flop story is freaking me out!

  7. I really want to goto Izeafest because I am an newer blogger and really want to learn from the awesome speakers that will be there! I have been trying to learn more about affiliate marketing, and paid blogging and Izea seems to be the place to learn it from!

  8. I love how you have a Wed. Heros. What a great way for us to support those who make sacrifices for their country and community. Reading these post really makes me think.

    I would love to go to the IZEAfest. I have been blogging for a year now and have not been able to go to any conferences yet. This would really help me out I'm sure.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Mama Snow

  9. I added your badge to my sidebar under “Other Cool Blogs” Entry #2

    Forgto to add this above but was rechecking my enteries and relized I skipped over #2. Need all the enteries I can cause I REALLY want to go to IZEAFest.


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