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Why Daddy Isn’t Allowed to Put Sunscreen On Anymore

I guess he should have just given him a couple of pens to run around and color the house with too! Actually, I was not too upset with the mohawk (I think it is cute too!), but that he did it with sunscreen.  Gel is a whole lot cheaper than sunscreen dear!  I can't wait to try and get that all out of his hair!

10 thoughts on “Why Daddy Isn’t Allowed to Put Sunscreen On Anymore

  1. Love it! 🙂 Ahh the days of having little ones that are too young to know you are doing crazy things with their hair and dressing them silly… somehow my teens don't want me to do that anymore…. often. Ha.

  2. Cute photo!

    BTW you could create a mohawk with the help of soap that is quite easier to wash out than gel or sunscreen.

    Anyway sunscreeen is much better than classical punks' mohawks of beer 😀

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