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Why I Shouldn’t Do Yardwork

Ok, sit down.  Seriously, because you will have a great laugh at my expense.

We have an alley that runs the back of the house and goes all the way down the block.  In past years, we were one of the few who actually mowed it.  This year I said screw it, and we let it grow.  However, we are now having an issue with an animal using our backyard as a toilet, so we decided to cut it down back there.  Now the grass is super tall.  Like Madison height tall if it hadn't flattened onto itself.  It was too tall to actually use the lawn mower on it (because I tried).  It was decided to whack it with the weed whacker.  I was trying to help Bill out yesterday, so he didn't spend the day outside back there.

Now, let me start by saying that I have never ever used a weed whacker in my life.  Never.  So whacking grass as tall as my 5 year old was probably my first mistake.  It was hard work.  Then all of a sudden the weed whacker started making a strange noise, and I knew it wasn't working right.  I yelled for Bill to come over and check it out.  I figured I broke it.  What I didn't count on is that the thing was smoking.  Literally smoking.  A lot.  Bill started pulling grass out of it, but it was so hot he was burning his fingers trying to do so.

Now, at this point, after I saw the smoke, I slinked away.  🙂  I know when I need to in the house and get something to drink.  I only had a small section left at this point, so when I was finished with my can of Mountain Dew, I went back outside and finished with the lawn mower.

I don't know if flames were actually seen or if the weed whacker even works anymore.  I do know that I shouldn't be allowed to do yard work anymore.  What do you think?  LOL

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4 thoughts on “Why I Shouldn’t Do Yardwork

  1. LOL you broke the weedwacker. If it makes you feel better I'm not allowed to mow grass or hang curtains :-p

  2. Ha! that is so funny. I used our super fast mower yesterday. I swore I would never get on that mower. It is too fast for me! What I will do to get a suntan.

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