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Why I’m Glad I’m Not Kate

You know, Kate from Kate Plus 8. I like her show. I am happy that it came back. I'm watching the “Inside Kate's World” episode right now, and man, I'm glad I don't have her life. (Yes, it's TIVOd.  I missed it when it actually aired).  I heard some statements that I have to agree with. Mostly, Angelina Jolie has lots of kids and she's not a bad mom if she makes a movie. However, Kate does Dancing with Stars or even Kate Plus 8, and she's labeled horrible. Personally, I give her a ton of great for doing Dancing With Stars.  I would have looked as bad as she did if not worse.  I just hate how horrible people can be.  This episode is really giving a glimpse into her life.  I'll be honest — it's not something I'd want.  People also seem to miss that Jon doesn't seem to be working, so somebody has to support her kids.  You'd think people would be happy it's not the taxpayers!  Instead, they tell her she's a horrible person, a bad mom, and who knows what else.

As you can tell, I feel bad for the woman.  She got thrown into celebrity and I think she's still feeling her way around it.  However, one thing you can't deny — she loves her kids.

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2 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad I’m Not Kate

  1. I absolutely LOVE her and think she is doing everything she can for not only her family but herself too. I will always be a Kate fan and she's WAY better off without Jon!

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