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Why it takes so long to put anything together here

These photos have been sitting on my camera for about a month since I forgot to download them. This is why Bill loves having the kids help him put things together.  This is a wardrobe unit that I bought for Will's bedroom.  Will has no closet, so we definitely needed something to help organize his clothes.  His room is only 9'x11′ also so it couldn't be too big either!  Let's  just say that it took a while with his helpers to assemble this.  However, I love it!

One thought on “Why it takes so long to put anything together here

  1. I find myself wondering if I ever did that to my mom and grandfather when they were trying to assemble things.

    I think I probably did, I know that I knew a lot more about home repair and at a young age then most twice my age. lol

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