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Why lie?

We went to Oak Lawn Home (aff) Show several weeks ago. I found it extremely interesting. We met with several builders who were suppose to call us back. Amazingly, most did not. Why bother going to the show if you aren't going to contact your leads? Secondly, I asked each person, before I gave them our information, if their company did additions. Now, I am getting phone calls and letters stating that these same companies don't to additions. Well, why didn't your people tell me that? Why waste my time and your time for that matter? It truly makes me never want to use any of these companies, since they couldn't answer a simple question honestly.

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One thought on “Why lie?

  1. If they lie about little things, I'd be wondering what BIG things they would lie about. Nope, I wouldnt' use any of them. I would keep searching for an honest contractor.

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