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Why We Gave Blood

Something that I don't like about our nation is that somewhere along the line, we turned into its all about “me”.  Unless it directly benefits, somebody they know or them, they will not do it.  I may be a bleeding heart liberal, because I believe in helping others.  One of the ways we can help others is by giving blood.

Do I know anyone who needs blood right now?  Nope.  I got a phone call that our area was low and could I donate?  Now, I haven't donated since high school.  However, I agreed and made an appointment.  Not only that, I got Bill to donate too. He had never ever donated before.

What do we get from it?  Nothing.  We just did something good for another human being.  Blood levels are low in many areas.  Go make an appointment and help out a fellow human being!

What selfless act have you done recently?

2 thoughts on “Why We Gave Blood

  1. I have been trying to give blood numerous times. Unfortunately, because I was born in Germany I'm not allowed to because of fear of dormant madcow disease!!! I am really upset by that but can't do anything to change it!

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