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The Wild Thornberrys: Season One

My kids and I are a fan of Nickelodeon and the old and the new shows.  When I heard that they were going to release the first season of The Wild Thornberrys, I knew I had to get my hands on it!  If you don't remember, The Wild Thornberrys premiered in 1998 and aired until 2004 with the reruns playing on Nicktoons.  It was also on CBS from 2002-2007.  The series followed the crazy Thornberry family as they traveled the world in their Communications Vehicle looking for rare animals to film.  After Eliza (the youngest Thornberry kid) met a African shaman, she acquired the ability to speak to animals.  The episodes on this DVD show the assortment of adventures that occurred after her new found ability.  You get to meet gorillas, pythons, crested grebes, tapirs, capybaras, antelopes, and opossums!  In all, there are 20 episodes to watch on this DVD box set! Here's a sneak peak:


The Wild Thornberrys is a blast from the past for me.  I enjoyed this DVD as much as my kids did!  It's a great cartoon, and I highly recommend getting your hands on this DVD box set!

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  1. The girls love this show.. I remember watching it with my younger siblings, and now my children and grandchildren are watching it… they think it is cool that she lives in a bus and can talk to animals.

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