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Will and The Chiropractor

I wrote a couple days ago about being frustrated with the stupid GI specialist who told me babies spit up.  Well, Will has been extremely crabby and spitting up a ton (due to the acid reflux and me following the directions of the specialist to overfeed him).  I decided yesterday to call my chiropractor and see if I could get him in.  They fit him in, and it was the best thing I could have done for him.  We noticed that he keeps tilting to the right.  Well, low and behold, that is a classic sign of acid reflux.  By the time she is done treating him, we should be able to take him off the medicine.  She said his back was extremely tight.  I also have leg exercises I have to do with him every day.  I feel bad for the kid.  I guess I should have tried this sooner, but I was giving the doctors a chance to fix this.

5 thoughts on “Will and The Chiropractor

  1. She held him and cracked his back. It was actually kind of cool. Then she used the gun thingy and adjusted around his hip area. Then she showed me some leg exercises to do. The other thing she did was put him on his belly and bent his legs up in the air which he did not want to do. I did not realize that he can't do that real well. So I am not sure if that answers your question 🙂

  2. My son has acid reflux (we keep waiting for him to grow out of it — 22 months and counting). He wasn't diagnosed until 6 months and we didn't find a decent medication for another 3 months.

    Along with the constant spitting up, screaming, sleeping for no more than 3 hours straight and refusing to sleep anywhere except in his swing, he eventually developed some problems with torticollis/neck leaning requiring physical therapy. We didn't go with a chiropractor, but we were almost there when we finally got a prescription for Prevacid that has kept it in check for 13 months.

    Now, were considering a chirpractor for his ezcema. There's very little hard evidence to suggest a link between adjustments and ezcema, but there is some anecdotal stuff out there. Again, the ezcema is just bad enough that were getting desparate (daily (sometimes twice) baths, 3 prescription lotions twice a day plus OTC lotions throughout the rest of the day).

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