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Will’s Birthday

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I just realized I left Bill in charge of the camera for Will's birthday, and he really didn't take any pictures. However, his birthday was a great party. Like all parties we have, it rain. We even had the tornado sirens go off! Will got a lot of really cool new toys and clothes to wear. It looks like everyone found the best buys out there.  We got to show off the basement (yes, a post with pictures is coming), and everyone was impressed with the changes that we made.

Like Madison when she was one, Will wanted nothing to do with his cake.  He didn't even want to touch it.  Overall, the party was a success.

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4 thoughts on “Will’s Birthday

  1. It seems like yesterday we were both announcing the arrivals of our babies. I am 100% sure that on Rebekah's 1st birthday next month she will be digging right into her cake.

  2. It seems very small children are not interested in cakes, but of course everyone else is. I didn't have any at my nephew's last birthday party, can't remember why…

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