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Will’s First Chuck E Cheese Visit

I just got the pictures from when we were in Green Bay downloaded to my computer. I forgot to mention that while we were in Green Bay Will got to go to Chuck E Cheese for the first time. This is a yearly thing I do with my friends. We meet at Chuck E Cheese, so we get to see one another and the kids get to play. We don't get a lot of talking time since we tend to be chasing the kids. There was a lot of things for Will to see and do. He could have cared less about the mechanical creatures that were singing. Heck, he didn't even care that we didn't put any tokens in any of rides we put him on.  Here are a few pictures from that trip:

Here are a few pictures of Madison:

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One thought on “Will’s First Chuck E Cheese Visit

  1. Wow I remember Chuck E. Cheese. My grandmother used to make myself, my brother, and two of my cousins there quite often. I haven't been in years, but I am thinking maybe I should take my niece soon!

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