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Window Coverings

This is my front window:

I actually took this picture shortly after this window was installed (that's why my furniture is in the middle of the room, and there are no curtains up or anything). I have been struggling since we move in here about what do with this window. It is so big that it is quite expensive to do anything. Whatever I decide has to look good and there is no going back. I currently have 3 valances going across the top and that is it. I have been looking into roller shades, vertical blinds, and more curtains. What do you do with the huge windows in your house? It been almost two years since these windows were put in, and I really need to do something.

14 thoughts on “Window Coverings

  1. How about one classy wrought iron rod (with a nice "stopper" on each end) across the top and some light, matching fabric wrapped loosely around it? That would frame the top of the window, but wouldn't cover any of it.


  2. BEAUTIFUL Window! I love it! I am a huge fan of natural light!

    What to do about coverage and privacy, hmmm…that is a tough one as no one would want to cover such a beautiful window.

    Now, the only suggestion I can think of is one that I can't tell you EXACTLY what it is called but it is some kind of tinting or something that you can see out (day or night) but no one can see in! I don't know what this is called but i would bet folks with gigantic windows has this sort of thing or those motorized shades! I wish I could be of more help but I had to let you know how beautiful that window is!

  3. You could put up wooden blinds or wooden mat-like curtains which would really add to the atmosphere of the room 🙂

  4. Definitely put curtains never blinds. I really hate blinds, they annoy me so much, but if you like them the sliding ones are really nice. And for the curtains, use a thin one and then a thick one. I'm sorry for writing so much but my aunt is a designer, I guess it rubbed off on me , lol. Good luck though! 🙂

  5. I have a same size of window in my room and I can see my fields from it as I am living in a farm house in the middle of the fields and tell you it is a real pleasure.

  6. The window looks great, but not as great as what's behind it!

    You have a beautiful view back there!

    Do you live by the beach? Because that looks like sand to me!

  7. That window is absolutely beautiful, but like you said I bet it is damn expensive to buy curtains for it or blinds. Still beautiful, though, and your view is amazing.

  8. With such a big window you definitely want a treatment you can pull open and expose the full window. So I say what ever it is that you do make sure you can pull it up or to the side so you can keep the entire view.

  9. Thanks Holly! I hate that tree out front, but everyone seems to like it. LOL I actually have 3 of them in a row, so it is quite a mess when they drop their needles.

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