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WisePacks™ Traveling Backpacks

wisepackOnce you become a mom, the contents of your purse change. I now find I am carrying extra diapers, clothes, sippy cups, candy, goldfish crackers, baby wipes, tissues, etc. Now, this wouldn't be a problem if this didn't add another say 50 lbs to my already semi heavy purse!  Granted, all that stuff doesn't weigh 50 lbs.  However, it does throw your back out when you carry too much weight on one side of your body (trust me on this one, I've had long discussions with my chiropractor on this very subject).  Ever notice after a long day of shopping or out with the kids that your shoulder and arm ache on the side you were carrying your purse?  I know I have.

This is where the WisePacks™ Traveling Backpacks come in handy.  You are able to put everything (and I mean everything) you need in this and still have extra room.  I love this because not only is it helpful to my poor aching back, but it is also fashionable!  This looks way better than my 5 year old diaper bag (which also causes me back pain).  These traveling backpacks are made from rip-stop nylon and are lined with bright, contrasting colors to make finding things easy.  There are also several pockets to help you keep yourself organized too!  You even get a travel pouch for your make-up, jewelry, ipod, etc. that easily can be clipped inside of the bag!  My most favorite part of this backpack is that it has a security pouch in it.  Up to this point, these kind of purses always made me nervous that someone would swipe my wallet.  The security pouch rests against you back, so you'll definitely know if someone is messing with it.

This backpack should be on every woman's Christmas list this year — I know it's on mine.

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