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Women Needed In Congress!

I know I have yet to go off on one of my feminism rants on here yet, so I am due one. For six years, US Rep. Bobby Rush and others have been trying to advance legislation that addresses postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. The legislation would require medical professionals to educate new mothers and their families about this before they ever leave the hospital. It would allow new moms to get screened for the disorder during checkups. Lastly, it would increase funding for research at the National Institute of Health. Rush has often said that if postpartum afflicted men that this would have passed in year one. For example, in 1998, Viagra was new to scene. American troops and military retirees were able to get their hands on it. Most health insurance companies will cover it. In contrast, there are still some insurance companies who do not cover birth control. We still pay out of pocket for even the mildest form of infertility. Heaven forbid if you need to pick up insurance on your own, insurance companies will deny you if you have had infertility treatments in the past.

Now, think back to when you had your children? Was one word of this ever mentioned to you? I had Madison 3 (aff) 1/2 (aff) years ago, and even though I knew what it was, no one ever talked to me about it.

4 thoughts on “Women Needed In Congress!

  1. I have always said that if men had this stuff happening to them the laws would be changed mucho pronto.

    I also think if doctor's lived with me and dealt with me during some of my hot flashes and such they would find a fix.

  2. I have to agree, we need more women in congress to stand up for us. Men just don't get it. You would think that by living with a mother, possibly sisters, a wife and maybe a daughter or two they would see and understand what we have to go through just to be "woman".

  3. I wonder how much funding went into handing out viagra to the troops? perhaps that could have been redirected into the health department!

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