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Women Unite

I enjoy reading blogs from other mothers and Where's Mommy's Prozac? is no exception to that.  She has a great post talking about why she titled her blog that.  I think it is great.  After chasing and arguing with a three year old all day, I could definitely use some Prozac.  In that post, she talks about her post partnum depression and how it still effects her today.  A lot of people do not understand what having a baby does to your body.  Everyone gets the body changes.  Not everybody understands the hormonal changes.

***warning:  talking about women stuff here***I know after I had Madison I had the period from hell.  It lasted 3 weeks.  I would get a week off.  Then I had it again for three weeks.  I sucked it up while I was breastfeeding since there really isn't anything I could do about it (I know about the mini pill but I really didn't want to go the birth control route).  After Madison was four months old I quit breastfeeding (actually, she never breastfeed.  She would not latch on.  I tried everything.  Went to lactation consultants.  That still didn't work.  I ended up pumping for four months and she was bottlefed breastmilk).  I also went back to the doctor and asked for help.  We started me on the pill.  That seemed to help with the 3 week period.  I went back to a normal regular cycle.  However, that did not help with the hormonal problems I was having.  About a week before my period, I would not be able to function.  It was bad.  Bill actually asked that I go back to the doctor to find out what was going wrong.  I ended up being diagnosed with PPMD (at least I think that's what it was called).  It is PMS to the extreme.  I ended up taking what I called my “happy” pills for a couple of months.  Even with health insurance, they were costing us $50 a month, so I started tapering them off myself.

Back to my point, it is nice to hear someone talk so frankly about antidepressants and how they have helped her life.  She also talks about a variety of other topics.  I would classify her as a general blogger.  She talks about her kids, her life, her smart alarm clock that isn't so smart, etc.  It is a great read.

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  1. This sounds a lot like my life right now!! I've been searching and reading mother blogs all day for advice like Babycenter.com and Kristina's Breastfeeding Diet blog. I'm still very new to the mother thing but there is sure is a lot more to learn!!! 🙂

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