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Word On The Street Junior Giveaway!

As many of you know, we love to play games here! I am always on the lookout for great family games and I have definitely found another one that you have to try out!

Word On The Street Junior is for kids 8 and up. To play, a category card is read out loud and then you start the timer. Each team then brainstorms different words that will fit the category, and then has to then agree on a word. They then move each corresponding letter tile towards their side of the street. Now, when the other team goes if they use the same letter, they get to pull the letter tile towards their side. (This is the part of the game when a lot of booing goes on from the first team. LOL) Also, if you use a letter twice, you get to move it two places over. When you move a letter completely off the game board, you get to capture it (which is why you want to use the letter as many times as you can in the word). The first team to capture eight letter tiles wins Word on the Street Junior!

The first reason I love this game is that it is for 2-8 players. For me, that means it makes a great family night game, but it also makes a great party game too. You can play with large teams, small teams, and just against your brother or sister. It is also the perfect length (20-30 minutes of game play), so that the kids don't get bored with it. I love that in reinforces so many skills: critical thinking, creativity, spelling, teamwork, language comprehension, vocabulary development, etc. Best of all, the kids don't even know that this is an educational game — they are way too busy having fun! I'm not the only one who thinks this game is awesome either. It has one quite a few awards: Nickelodeon Best of Best New Games, Parents Choice Silver, Top Gifts under $25- Real Simple Magazine, Best Family Game- KSL TV Utah, Top Honors- San Francisco Chronicle.

Since my family and I enjoyed playing this so much (we did girls vs. boys here), I have arranged for one lucky reader to win a copy! Here's what you need to do:

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