30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Hello Grasshopper!

  1. That is a great shot. I think it was a grasshopper that flew into my daughter's head today. She wasn't too pleased. I love grasshoppers though.

  2. My twins and I were just tlaking about how we never actually see grasshoppers~ just hear them! Lucky you!

  3. Good Morning!

    I am NOT scared of bugs…but your picture made me jump! because my son was up

    for a couple hours last night with a cold and stuffy nose, and when I went downstirs to turn on a light, there was a VERY similar looking but right by my hand and it startled me!


    Thanks so Much for letting me link up and for hosting!

    jenny at dapperhouse

  4. Hey there. I cant get your profile to pull up on Twitter to Follow you.

    Maybe try following me so I can follow back?

    It loads the background but the main page stays white 🙁

    thanx! @dapperhouse

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