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Wordless Wednesday: Look, No Carpet!

This is what Will's room use to look like (ok this is when we was a baby, BUT it's only one I've got that has the carpet in the room in the picture!

So I spent today pulling up that carpet. By myself. (Ask me how I feel in the morning, because I have a feeling I won't be able to get out of bed!) I think it looks awesome! (It also helps that we had hardwood underneath the carpet).

Will's room is only 9′ x 11′, so I am still trying to figure out if I need to get a rug for his room. What do you think?

27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Look, No Carpet!

  1. i remember at 7 months pregnant getting a bee in my bonnet about the carpet we had in our master in our first home in the States. I pulled it out, through the hall and then took the whole runner out down the stairs. my Mom nearly fell over in a dead faint when she saw what i had done … lol

    Nesting at the extreme!

    Looks good, leave it like that and get a few fluffy rugs!

  2. That's beautiful flooring! I'd recommend a play rug that has a roadway printed on it, they are like $20 at Home Depot.

    p.s. Posted my Wordless Wednesday on MomReviews this week by accident, stop by and link up!

  3. Why people carpet over wood is beyond me. My husband and I spent several weekends ripping out old carpet and installing new wood floors in our daughter's bedroom and our master bedroom and loft – over 800 square feet total. It was tough work but it looks awesome!

  4. My son has wood and we bought him a rug because the wood floors get cold and he'll sit on the rug with his legos and play. Love the wood floors!

  5. Looks fantastic! We have wood and tile floors in our house, but a small rug is always nice when you put your feet down in the morning. I've seen a lot of play rugs, like ones that have roads for toy cars. Maybe?

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