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Wordless Wednesday: Snowmageddon 2011

The beginning of the storm: (about 3:00 PM CST)

3 hours into the storm:

The morning after (and it's still snowing here!!!!):

I have to note that that is a 6 ft privacy fence next door.  You can see how bad the drifts are:

You can see that our mailboxes are almost covered.

This is my bathroom window.  There's over 12 inches on there!!!

What is your weather like?

18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Snowmageddon 2011

  1. We had snow here in Atlanta a few weeks ago and it kept us indoors for one week!! It was only about 5-6 inches, but the ice was horrible and wouldn't go away. I do miss the BIG snowstorms like yours though. I'm from the midwest (MN/WI area) and I love the big drifts and such. Easier to say when I live in the south; not sure I would have the same opinion if I lived up north stil. Haha! Happy WW!

  2. Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    I've also heard it called Snowpocalypse! There are 4x4s here that can't even get around. Our entire town is shut down, including US Postal, UPS & FedEx! Our town is just not equipped for this much snow at once. We're in Oklahoma.

  3. Oh am I ever glad that storm decided to go north and I am looking at sunny skies instead of snow! Stay warm and hope you dig out soon!

  4. Omigosh, Lisa! My toes are FROZEN just looking at your pictures! LOL

    Hey, if you have snow gathered up around the house so high like that, is that kind of insulating and actually helps keep the house warmer? hmm… I just had that thought looking at your bathroom window.

  5. It looks pretty from where I'm sitting . . . but I would not want to deal with it! Stay warm!!

    Thanks for linking up on my WW linky 🙂

    Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . Gina

  6. I woke up this morning telling my husband I wish we had a foot of snow outside. I know, call me crazy. But alas, it was sunny all day and a high of 60 degrees. What can I say….its San Diego.

  7. I'm glad to know you're home safe and sound – CNN showed pictures of the cars abandoned on the Chicago highway with huge snowdrifts all around them – what a mess 🙁

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