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Wordless Wednesday: Why I Am Crazy

If it seems like I am not here as much, the above picture is why. That is all products I still have to review over at Lisa Reviews. That isn't even all of it. There is more on my front porch, my kitchen, and my bedroom. Needless to say, the hubby isn't happy with me. LOL

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Why I Am Crazy

  1. Thanks for this opportunity.

    My wednesday left me speechless. How anyone could get this picture on MSNBC is beyond me. They should be fired…and I consider it an act of terrorism.

  2. There are actually 2 USPS bins in that. LOL I have been getting around 10 packages a day or more. I seriously feel like I am going crazy LOL

  3. Good grief, Lisa! That's a lot of loot. You'd better get to work. 😆 It looks like sooooo much fun, but as you go on to mention, there's a lot of work that has gone into the relationships you've built and the work you've done. Still, at the end of day, it seems you really enjoy it, which is what any of us could hope for!

  4. I'd be happy to take a few things off your hands there 😉 I get some cool review products in the mail now and then, but not like that. Wow. I think I need more great PR hookups (or maybe I just need to blog more frequently?) LOL

  5. I'm with the other ladies. I'd love to get involved in doing product reviews. If you're in need of help or can shoot me a list of PR people who might need the reviews, let me know (erin [dot] alissa [at] gmail [dot] com )

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