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Worst Dream Ever

Okay, maybe it wasn't.  Maybe it was just because we don't have a memory foam mattress.  I don't know, but this dream definitely ranks in the top ten for bad.

Now, I've had your run of the mill bad dreams before.  Everybody has those.  I do not even normally remember those.  It is the dreams that cut to the core that freak you out — it is the dreams about your kids.  I have dreamed I have had a miscarriage (while I was pregnant and since I had one before that it was a little freaky), I've dreamed that one of my kids died before, but last night ranks up their with both of these.  I dreamed that Will had a grand mal seizure.

Now, Will doesn't have epilepsy.  The only seizure he has had in his life, I was on plane when it happened (he was home with my mother in law.  Let's just say that babysitting job didn't pay well enough for what happened).  It was ruled as an abnormal febrile seizure, and he's never had one since.

I'm afraid to google to see what it means.  LOL  However, I just can't figure out where that came from.  We spent the day at Great America yesterday with the kids, and they had a blast.  I was dead tired when we came home.  I didn't even the mattress toppers on my bed last night; I'm pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillows!

So anybody want to take a stab at the meaning behind this dream?

2 thoughts on “Worst Dream Ever

  1. I am not a dream interpreter, but just another very busy mum, but hear are my thoughts

    1. You were most likely tired, had a lot on your mind as most parents do

    2. Solution to bad dream: Before sleeping count 10 things that you are grateful for that have happened during the day and count 10 things in the morning that you are grateful for

    3. Count count count your blessings and do not worry about things that have not happened

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