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Worst Week Ever

I've been busy, so I've not gotten a chance to post this. However, here we go . . .

Our worst week ever start on June 25th. We were heading to Wisconsin for our first camping trip as a family. Everybody was excited. Except for the car. We go to turn on the car and all we heard was “click click click”. Now, remember that our other car is a Prius. A hybrid. Let's just say you can't jump off those (actually, if you look at the owner's manual you can, but to replace a Prius battery it's like $5,000, so we weren't about to try it). I found a neighbor home (aff) (which is amazing in the middle of the day), and we tried jumping. No can do. Nothing worked. Now, at this point, we are all in the van and its packed. We are screwed. I took Bill's car and ran and got a new battery. While I was gone, Bill took the old one out. Luck was on our side at the battery store, and I bought the last battery they had and drove home (aff). Bill puts the battery in and the radio and most of our electronics in the van were out. Bill figured it was a fuse, so we got and in the car and went.

We weren't even driving an hour, and Madison had to go to the bathroom. We stopped at a gas station and I took the kids to the bathroom. Since we were there anyway, Bill filled up the car with gas. That ended up being a good thing. For some reason, everything worked after that. We thought we were in the clear. Little did we know —

Friday night it stormed. That wouldn't be so bad except we were in a tent. And there were 50 mph winds. At one point, Bill and I were holding up one side of the tent. The good news is that the tent didn't tip over and we stayed dry. Saturday night it stormed. However, Sunday morning was the whopper. Here are a few pictures:

Good times.  At one point, we were lifting the tent, so the stream could go underneath.  Sooo you'd think this was the end of it — not quite.

We get home and Madison is covered in mosquito bites.  It's about 8:50 pm and I ran to Walgreens to get some AfterBite.  What I didn't know was that they had mopped their floors and didn't put up a wet floor sign.  You can guess what happened next.  I didn't fall but I twisted my ankle (and ended up at the dr Monday to make sure nothing was broken).  But my week got even better on Tuesday.

Bill and I were sitting at dinner and he goes “Lisa, your eye is really red”.  Well, I ended up at the eye doctor that night, and I had pink eye too!

Thankfully, the rest of the week went better!

4 thoughts on “Worst Week Ever

  1. That was one worst week indeed! I hope lady luck already came in and visited you! I have that time when everything was really not falling into its own place and it is such a terrible experience. Well, at least is something what you call an "experience".

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