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WOTM Lip Plumper

We have now officially entered the winter season here in Illinois. It is in the teens for the temperature, and we have snow on the ground. We even built a snowman. That also means it is cold and dry which is not good for your lips.

WOTM Lip Plumper not not only plumps the lips but acts as a treatment for lips as it protects from free radical damage. It has a combination of peptide and hyaluronic acid micro-spheres. It also exfoliates and hydrates as it reduces appearance of furrows and fine lip lines. Antioxidant of vitamin E will protect delicate lips from free radical damage.

After using this, don't expect Lisa Rinna lips. Those lips take surgery. However, your lips will look better. I mainly used it for the other benefits which was to get soft, supple and sexy lips! It comes is quite a few shades, so it is something you want to have in your makeup bag!

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