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Would you let your 8-year-old daughter dress like this for a dance routine?

As you all I know I have a six year old. Would I allow her to be involved in something like this? Hell, no!!! What makes me sad is that these girls are clearly talented. However, this is sooo inappropriate — the dancing, the clothes, the routine.  What are your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Would you let your 8-year-old daughter dress like this for a dance routine?

  1. This video makes me very sad.

    They are very cute little girls and very talented. But the part that makes me sad is that because it is sexually suggestive, a lot of balding 40-year-old men will be masturbating to it for years to come.

    That is until they desire the real thing and kidnap some other little girl who looks like his favorite.

    This is the part of protecting children from pedophiles where the parents are supposed to step in and be the adult and say, "No, this is inappropriate".

  2. 😯 Some days I am very glad to have all boys. I don't think I could handle having a girl and all the things that come along with it.

    I can barely even go shopping for my niece without the strong urge to vomit because of the things that are out there for sale geared towards little girls, especially in the clothing department!

    I could honestly just cry watching this. That entire thing could have been done with much more appropriate outfits! I know they were mimicking some of the video choreography, but they could have done without some of the inappropriate stuff and had a much better routine for sure.

    A dance instructor wouldn't even dream of putting a group of 8 year old boys through something like that, so why do we subject our little girls to things like this? I don't get it.

  3. I don't have kids and I still think this is really too much. Yes the girls are talented and dance very well, but they are 8-9 and when you look at the music video the singer is wearing much more then these kids are…. and people wonder why so many women think they need to dress like that.

  4. I can't see the video, it's no longer available! Which is really too bad, because now I'm missing the whole debate on this post!

  5. Awwwww…. I was going to watch so I could judge for myself, butt the video isn't available any longer – so I guess it must have been really inappropriate 🙁

  6. unfortunately, the video is no longer available.. even so, I can expect that the video is something that make us, as a parent, worried..

    I have 5 kids, and one of them is girl (age 8)…

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