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Wrapping The Christmas Presents

Yes, that is what I did tonight.  I made a list of all the Christmas presents I have bought so far.  Then I wrapped each and every one of them.  Let me tell you, it feels good to have that done.  Bill and I decided that Madison is done for Christmas.  I still need to shop for her birthday though (which is Jan. 7th).  I also figured out that I am about half done already.  I like that sound of that even better!  Now, I know who I am looking for gift for on Black Friday!  The main reason I did this already is because I need to drop off what I have already bought up in Green Bay.  It helps to have them up there early, because we aren't going back till Christmas.  We usually have a pretty full van then, so every little bit of space helps.

5 thoughts on “Wrapping The Christmas Presents

  1. Wow you have all your Christmas presents bought AND wrapped and it's not even December yet? That's great! It'd sure make for a less stressful Christmas that's for sure.

  2. Awesome…December is fast approaching. I haven't wrapped any Christmas gift yet. Thank you for reminding me… I will buy stuffs tomorrow to my nieces and nephews. Early Christmas for you and me.

  3. oh wow i wish i had my shopping started for christmas but money is tight around this time of year.i have no idea what to get anybody lol.

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