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Xlear Kid's Tooth Gel Review

Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel is sweetened with 100 percent xylitol, an all natural sweetener that helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay.  It is a toothpaste to use when you are trying to teach your kids to brush their teeth.  The gel was developed for children ages three months and up and can be applied their teeth and gums to help promote good oral care at an early age. Xlear has also partnered with Live-Right, the maker of the Baby Banana Brush, to offer a combo kit that includes the Baby Banana Brush and strawberry-banana flavored Spry Tooth Gel (which I also got to review).

Spry Tooth Gel is sugar-free, fluoride-free and safe to swallow.  It is made of all natural ingredients and offers the clinically proven benefits of xylitol, tooth strengthening calcium, and it protects and strengthens developing teeth.  Even though Will is three, he still doesn't understand that he's not suppose to swallow toothpaste.  With him using this instead, I don't have to worry (unless he decides to eat the whole bottle!).  It also seems to make less mess than traditional toothpaste!  Spry Tooth Gel is part of the Spry Dental Defense System, which is a growing line of oral care products that includes Spry gum, mints, oral rinse, toothpastes and oral mist spray.

This post was written for Family Review Network & Xlear who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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