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I am beat.  Bill and I spent the day outside working on the yard.  I started painting the fence.  Bill borrowed his parent's powerwasher, and he is trying to get the paint off the garage with that.  I think we may have bit off a bit more than we can get done.  I wanted the garage painted by Friday.  There is no way that is going to happen.  My body is still hurting from all the work I did over the last two days.  I don't even want to think about how stiff I am going to be in the morning.

One thought on “Yardwork

  1. Bit off more then you can chew… that's how I feel about my upcoming rummage. It is so hot in the house, moving boxes and sorting is not fun! Thanks again for recommending Fechr- it went well for me and please stop by my blog again some time. -Michelle

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