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Yes, We Do Have Earthquakes In Illinois

Seriously. We do. I was laying in bed at about 4 am this morning, and all of a sudden my bed started shaking. I was watching to see if Madison's school was going to close (it didn't). Honestly, it was the weirdest thing ever. To be honest, I was really confused and then the news came on at 5 am and said that we had a 4.3 (aff) magnitude earthquake. We've actually had thunderstorms worse than this earthquake (as far as shaking the house!). The epicenter was about 48 miles west of Chicago.

So 9 inches of snow and an earthquake, is it the end of the world? LOL

5 thoughts on “Yes, We Do Have Earthquakes In Illinois

  1. I'm glad we dont get earthquakes in scotland! i would like to know what it was like though (but only in a wee one, one where no-one gets hurt.) then i could tick that off my list of things to do before i die =)

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