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You Don't Know Jack Review

My husband and I are huge fans of the computer game You Don't Know Jack, so we were super excited to see the game come out on other platforms.  If you've never played You Don't Know Jack, it's kinda like Trivia Pursuit except the questions have to do with all that useless information you have in your head.  There are tons of jokes and mindless questions.  If you've played the computer game, it is just like that!  You can play with anywhere from 1-4 people.  If you don't enter a name to play under, it will make one up for you.  Let me tell you, those names are pretty funny.  You'll also see things like wrong answer of the day, screw your opponent, fauxmercials, comical trophies, and bonus Easter eggs.

This game is a lot of fun to play.  It's a great party game that will make everybody laugh (and super competitive too).  For the Wii game, there are 73 episodes, so it'll take a long time before we repeat anything.  There is also 4 extra downloadable packs (on the X360 and PS3 versions that have 10 eposides each).  We loved You Don't Know Jack at my house, and you will too!

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