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Blue_PitcherZeroWater is the first and only filtration system that can eliminate ALL the contaminants from your water.  In Chicago, I luck out that we have some of best water in the nation (knocking on wood here), but we always didn't live here.  Even though we have some of the best water, there still are contaminants in my water.  As a mom, you only want to give your children pure things to put in their body. Along with the pitcher, ZeroWater even provides you with a water tester that will help you check the quality of your water every time you want.  (Our tap water tested out at 200 which is pretty good for tap water.  However, once you use this filtered pitcher, your water will test out at 0) The revolutionary ion exchange filter that this pitcher has is the only gravity fed filtration system that meets the FDA standard for purified bottled water.

It is pretty easy to work.  You literally just put the filter in and add water.  That's it!  We also love the spout on the back so you don't even have to remove the pitcher from your fridge to get a glass of pure water.  If you are looking for better water quality in your house, I highly recommend the ZeroWater pitcher!


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