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Zoobles DS Giveaway!

Zoobles are the biggest rage for young girls. The Zoobles videogame for Nintendo DS takes all the exciting fun of Zoobles and puts the control right into your daughter's hands. Young players care for and nurture their lovable companions as they explore 6 distinct lands in Zooble Isle, each featuring a diverse range of characters. Those familiar to the toy and even kids new to Zoobles will have a blast collecting and sharing their finds with friends!

• Explore the Magical Zooble Isle: Set out on an adventure to see all the familiar Zoobles lands including: Petagonia™, Azoozia™, Pinegrove™, Chillville™, Petal Point™ and Jungleopolis™ with 18 unique playable Zoobles!
• Decorate and customize your Happitat: Choose from 6 unique Happitats, and decorate with furniture and objects you’ve unlocked, including rugs, kitchens, sofas, bathtubs, and even special items like fountains! In your Happitat your Zooble can cook in the kitchen, dress up in adorable accessories, take baths, and more!
• Make lots of Zooble Friends: As you explore, you’ll come across more than 40 of your favorite Zoobles. Make friends by playing with them or hanging out in your Happitat! If you become good friends, they might even give you presents! There are so many Zoobles to meet, and you’ll want to collect them all as friends! Check your WikiZoob to see just how many Zooble friends you have!
• Love ‘Em and Play with ‘Em: Caring for and nurturing your Zooble is key. You’ll need to pay attention to how hungry, clean, and tired they are, and also play with them and make new friends to keep them happy!
• Adorable Activities and Zooble Fun: As you explore each land and make more and more friends, you’ll get more and more fun things to do, such as sliding down curvy slides, pulling off tricks on trampolines, gardening, playing hide-and-seek with your Zooble friends, and even hosting dance parties with all your Zooble friends!
• Added Bonus: For a limited time, each game purchase includes a Zooble toy!

I got to play with this game and see a demo of it. This game is everything Madison loves about gaming. She loves exploring. She also loves Zoobles toys so this is a great combination. I also love that this is something that interests girls — there aren't many games on the market designed for girls. (Not that boys can't play with it). I love that it isn't a shoot 'em game too!

Since I think this is such a great game, I have arranged for one lucky reader of mine to win the Zoobles DS game and a Zooble Toy! Here's what you need to do:

66 thoughts on “Zoobles DS Giveaway!

  1. My DD loves Zoobles and having them on a DS game will be so great for her. She likes exploring as well so the two together will be perfect for her.

  2. My daughter collects zoobles so just being able to play with them on her ds would be enough for her.
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  3. my granddaughter loves and collects zoobles and being able to play with them doing different activities, she will love this

  4. Decorating the Happitat …I think she wants to be an interior designer

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  5. I think my daughter would most enjoy the Decorate and customize your Happitat feature. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  6. my daughter dreams some day of being a vet so I am thinking getting to take care of any critter will make her happy!

  7. My daughter would love this…she loves animals, and all things girly. She's getting a DS for Christmas…so this would be perfect!

  8. My daughter would love this game. She loves exploring and seeing what everything is about. I think she would really enjoy the gardening.

  9. My daughter likes that she can decorate their habitats! She loves to do stuff like that


  10. I don't have a daughter, but my 5 year old son would love this game! He loves animals and I love that he would have to continue to care and nurture his animals in this game.

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