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Anyone know a clever way to get your kid to quit sleeping with you. Last night, Bill and I don't remember Madison climbing into bed with us. Yet, I do remember waking up in the middle of the night and there she was. We both have a nasty cold. I am keeping everyone up with my coughing.

Good news though. I called Blue Cross Blue Shield the other day to find out why the doctor wasn't covered for her hospital/ER visit. According to them, I am right and don't owe. Yeah!!!! So we'll see if they really took care of it.

I cheated again tonight. Since Bill and I are still sick and don't want to go grocery shopping, I have Peapod dropping off groceries. I love Internet grocery shopping. If anyone is interested, I'll send you the link. I get free groceries for referrals. 🙂

Also, I added a Pogo link on the sidebar. Its a pretty cool gaming site. I love to play there. With the link, you can get a 2 (aff) week trial to check it out. Like I said, its pretty cool, lots of great games, and I'm there. lol 🙂

Gotta go make lunch. See ya.

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