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How Moms Are Using Social Media

As you all know, I live in the social media world. I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I read other fellow bloggers reviews before I purchase things. That is why the results of a recent survey conducted by Child’s Play Communications don’t surprise me at all. They found that:

  • Facebook, Twitter and blogs were the three most popular social media platforms among moms surveyed
  • Pinterest was the platform that most moms (63 percent) tried for the first time this year
  • Instagram topped the list of technologies moms (28 percent) were likely to try next
  • Polyvore and Olioboard were among the new services these early adopters were exploring
  • Moms are spending more time on Facebook than in the past (64 percent of moms) and less time on Twitter (33 percent)
  • Of all social media platforms, blogs impacted moms’ purchasing decisions more than any other (80 percent)
  • Toys were the No. 1 kids’ product purchased by moms as a result of social media recommendations

How do you use social media?  Do any of these results surprise you?

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