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My Week In Review

Went to a Lia Sophia party on Tuesday. One of my friends had it. Was pretty cool. I had checked out the jewelry online and didn’t really care for it. However, once you see this stuff in person — wow! I ended up setting up to have a party. It’ll be sometime in June. If you are interested in anything, check out their webpage at and let me know if you want anything. They also have a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason (including you just not liking the piece anymore), they will replace it as long as you own the piece. Since Madison seems to wreck everything nice I have, I like this guarantee. :)

Sooo back to the yard we go this weekend. Our goal is pull out the old swingset and the tarp underneath. We are going to try and grow grass there. Anybody got any advice on how to do this? We went and bought fertilizer and grass seed. I wanted to just get sod, but Bill said no. Also, we cut the grass last night. My god, it was about a foot long. I could not believe it. We have 2 full garbage bags of grass clippings. We also ended up having to buy a weed wacker. We’ll be playing with this shortly.

We also bought Madison a bird feeder. She likes to look out the front window and talk and wave to the birds in the front trees. We’ll see how this works.

The exciting news happened this morning. Madison pulled her diaper down and said potty. Bill ran her to the bathroom and she actually went on the toilet. We did a potty dance and are very excited for her. This has been extremely hit and miss with her. Most of the time she does not tell us. She could care less if she’s sitting in a wet diaper. If anyone has any potty training advice, we’ll happily take it.

Well time to get running. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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