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Nuts About Mutts

Dog lovers?  Kids who love card games?  Adults who like card games?  Nuts About Mutts is the game for you.  It is a hand elimination game with many unique twists.  You try to match the color, number, or dog character in your hand.   When the Mutt card is played be sure to claim a bone card to avoid the need to draw a card! … [Read more...] about Nuts About Mutts

Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets is our new favorite game here at my house. Will absolutely loves it, and it is one of the few games he doesn't need help to play and we don't need to modify it! Your goal is to be the first millionaire! Stack pairs of assets to cover your valuables before they are stolen by other players. Then defend your assets with Gold and Silver Wild … [Read more...] about Cover Your Assets

Rooster Race – The High Low Game of Fowl Fun

We are always on the lookout for games we don't have to modify for Will. Rooster Race is the High Low game of exciting fowl fun from start to finish for everyone 5 and up! We had a total blast playing it and so will you. The Roosters are cooped up and hungry - they want to fill their bellies with corn and it's up to you to help them! You help your rooster … [Read more...] about Rooster Race – The High Low Game of Fowl Fun