How To French Braid Your Own Rainbow Hair
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How To French Braid Your Own Rainbow Hair

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Rainbow hair

There are many costumes this year that require rainbow hair of some sort like fairies, unicorns, and witches. How easy is it to give these “characters” rainbow hair? Don't panic because it isn't as hard as you think! We are here to help!

Keep reading to learn the easy way to do your own french braids and add rainbow colors to your hair.

  1. Part your hair down the middle continuing all the way down the back of your head. You want to create two even sections of hair.
  2. Put one section up in a TELETIES to keep it out of your way for now.
  3. Brush out any tangles. Now, pick up a small section of your hair at the front and divide into three.
  4. Begin a crossing-under braid and make a stitch or two.
  5. Now, you'll start adding small bits of hair to each section as you braid.
  6. Use a comb or your fingers to pick up some hair nearby and add it to the section as you cross it under.
  7. Now repeat on the other side of the braid.
  8. Continue this process to keep making your braid longer. You'll want to try and keep your braid in a straight-ish line.
  9. Once you've reached the base of your neck, braid the remaining sections to the end of your hair, and secure with a TELETIES.
  10. Now, take down the other half of your hair, brush it out, and repeat this process to create a second braid. Try to keep it symmetrical to the first braid.
  11. Now to add the color, invest in hair chalk. It's not permanent and it'll add to any costume! You just color the strands whatever color you want!

Making rainbow hair braids is that easy! Now you try!

2 thoughts on “How To French Braid Your Own Rainbow Hair

  1. That tutorial makes rainbow braiding look so easy! The step-by-step photos are incredibly helpful for learning how to get the sections even and keep the braid tight. This is a great technique to try for a fun summer festival hairstyle.

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