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Review Policy

Before you email me with a product pitch, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my blog and my family.  I receive dozens of product pitches a day and I can’t always reply to each one personally. If you don’t hear back, it means your product or service isn’t right for me and my family.  In addition, my receiving a product, even if I asked you in an email to send me a sample, does not guarantee coverage. Please do not ask me to post press releases or ask if I want to interview experts, I don’t have time to do either of those.

All products sent must be non-returnable unless you want them back covered in crayon or worse.

Even for products I love and can’t wait to review, there is a 4 week backlog on my calendar. If you can’t wait that long, please don’t pitch me this time or a financial arrangement can be made to get a review up sooner.

I will host and run giveaways for free in most cases, as long as you can:

1. Send me a non-returnable product similar to what is being given away. I write a review of the product first before announcing that I’m giving one away.

2. Handle all aspects of fulfillment. I will choose the winners and email them for their address which I will email to you. All shipping must be handled by you.

Fee Info: If your giveaway is going to involve more than a few weeks’ time, require me to choose a large number of winners, or require me to do a lot of social networking to drive traffic to a contest, a fee will be charged to compensate me for the extra time I will put into it. Email me with your budget and we’ll work something out.

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