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Medieval Times Giveaway!

When my family and I were invited to head over to Medieval Times, you know I had to say yes.  What is better than spending a Sunday afternoon eating and watching a tournament and learning how to be a  knight? This summer, in honor of its 20th anniversary season, Chicago’s own Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament invites children between the ages of 5-12 to … [Read more...] about Medieval Times Giveaway!


I'm not a huge fan of flossing (and my cavities I just had to get filled because of that can speak to that). However, my husband feels the need to floss everything. With whatever he can find. It's gross. However, I have found the answer:  BrytonPick.  This boomerang shaped flosser is small enough to fit into a pocket, purse, or even a wallet.  You just … [Read more...] about BrytonPick

Wednesday’s Hero

Wednesday Hero has never been issued a warning before but I felt it necessary for this one. This post contains graphic descriptions of torture and brutality that some may find it difficult to read. This weeks Wednesday Hero is dedicated to thousands of men who lost their lives in April of 1942 in what has become known as the Bataan Death March. On … [Read more...] about Wednesday’s Hero

Countdown To Christmas: Sharp Hill Designs Totes

I love love love this tote! I am so sick of having to carry a diaper bag around.  There are no stylish diaper bags either -- trust me.  When I got this tote, I instantly fell in love with it (I took this picture when I first got it, hence the tag still being on there).  The fabric of the tote is both very cool looking and and very functional too.  It is … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: Sharp Hill Designs Totes