Backyard Game Ideas

Exciting Backyard Game Ideas For Adults You’ll Love

Family reunions, cookouts, company events, and block parties are all opportunities to play backyard games. Don't let the kids have all the fun — here are some backyard game ideas so that your adult guests can compete as well. These outdoor competitions and fun backyard activities can test the adults' athletic or their ability to think quickly. Here are some of the best outdoor games that you can play in your backyard at family gatherings, pool parties, backyard BBQs, a birthday party, or pretty much any outdoor event you can think of:

Hula Hoop Competitions

Create fun outdoor games with a hula hoop to help your adult guests feel like children again. See who out of your group can use his hips to keep a hula hoop in the air the longest. Play some less traditional games, such as seeing who can throw the hula hoop the farthest or toss it onto the branch of a tree. Help your guests get to know each other and get “close” as they compete over which team can fit the most people inside a hula hoop.

The Shoe Race For A Garden Party

Ask all of your guests to remove their shoes. Place them all in a pile and mix them up so the pairs are not together. Divide the guests into two teams. You can then play this game as a relay race, with one person at a time from each team racing to put her shoes on and returning to the back of the line before the next person can go to the pile. You can also do it as a free-for-all, with all the players trying to find their shoes at once and team members returning to “base” after putting their shoes on. The first team wins with all its members back at “base” wearing their shoes.

A Shaving Competition

Conduct a shaving competition–without razors. Have players partner up into teams of two to play this popular game. One player on each team covers the other player's face with shaving cream, covering the whole face except the eyes. The partner must remove the shaving cream using only a tiny plastic spoon. The spoon end must be used to remove the shaving cream–removing the shaving cream using the handle end is cheating. The first pair to remove all of the shaving cream wins the competition.

Blindfolded Beverage Guessing Game

Pour six to ten cups of different beverages. Blindfold contestants and have them try to guess what each beverage is. Do not reveal the correct answers until every player has had a chance to compete. At the end of the traditional game, reveal the correct answers and which contestant guessed the most correctly. This can even be divided up into different beverage categories, such as sodas, cocktails, and beers. Players can compete in one or multiple categories.

Shoebox Race Is A Classic Backyard Game Idea

The shoebox race is a variation on the outdoor space multiplayer relay. Instead of a three-legged obstacle course or races with locked arms, this race provides an obstacle through shoeboxes. To prepare, gather two shoeboxes per person. Tape the lid onto the shoebox and cut a 1-inch-wide and 4-inch-long hole in the top of the box. Each player will place a shoebox on each of his feet. They then race to the designated finish line. For an added constraint, provide blindfolds for each player as well. Any amount of players is acceptable.

Circle Race Is A Fun Backyard Game

Circle races require no setup. The races are played with two teams consisting of ideally six members each. Each team member lies down in the grass with their heads facing the middle of the circle. When ready, one team member gets up and runs around the circle, jumping over the other members before returning to her respective spot. The next member of the team repeats. The easy game is over when all players have performed this action in order and reached their spot. The first team that completes the task wins the game. If one member does not jump over all other members during her cycle, she must complete the botched cycle and complete another successfully before retiring to her position. For an added obstacle, provide blindfolds for each member.

Frisbee Fortress Is One Of The Best Lawn Games

This Jenga-like fun outdoor party game may be simple, but its excitement factor is appealing to both children and adults. To prepare, first buy inexpensive Frisbees. These Frisbees can be small or large, but they should all be the same size. All Frisbees should be dispersed evenly to all players sitting in a circle. To begin the game, the designated first player places his Frisbee on the ground. Players take turns going around the circle to place their Frisbees on top of the previously set Frisbee. The game is over when the building topples. The person whose Frisbee causes the fall is declared the loser. This activity allows for tournament-style gameplay, as the loser in each round will sit out until only one player is left.

More Great Backyard Game Ideas: Limbo

Create a limbo stick for this outdoor game using, for example, a bamboo pole, a glow-in-the-dark string, or a string of lights. Have a person on either end hold the stick up high to start. Play limbo music and have each guest walk under the stick without touching the ground or falling. After all the guests have taken their turn, lower the limbo stick a few inches and have each person walk under the stick again. Guests who fall or touch the ground must leave the game. The last guest who successfully walks under the stick wins the game.

Treasure Hunt

An adult outdoor treasure hunt (aff) can bring back childhood memories. As the party host, list items to plant in your backyard, on the beach, or in the park. Use items from around the house, such as a can of soup. Have a friend help you if you plan to have several guests. Then, make up clues for each item. When your guests arrive, have them participate in the treasure hunt (aff) as individuals or in teams. Keep a sense of humor throughout the game with your clues, items, and the final prize for the winner.

This great game works best with a field, ample space, and a regulation-weight Frisbee (around 160 grams). Split the men into two teams and present them with the rules. Each team tries to score on the other team by passing the flying disc down the field. Once players catch the Frisbee, they can only take two steps before finding another player to pass it to. Once the Frisbee hits the ground, the other team gets the possession. The team with the most scores wins.

Capture The Flag For A Backyard Party

This classic game will help you reflect on your youth and enjoy yourself. The course consists of two areas with flags, two jails, and a predetermined mid-point of the field. Each team attempts to capture the other team's flag and run it back to their side of the field without being tagged (and consequently sent to the other team's jail). The game has many variations, so come up with the best rules that fit your participants.

Paintball Is So Much Fun At Outdoor Parties

This activity may not be suitable for a backyard, but it is an outdoor game that most will love. Often done on a private field, this game requires much protection and a large open area. Each team member is provided with a mask, armor, and a paintball shooting gun. The teams attack each other in combat until one team is declared the victor. A similar game with water guns could be played in a backyard or park if a paintball field is not available.

Horseshoes Still Is One Of My Favorite Games

A perfect lazy Sunday simple game, horseshoes, involves heaving metal horseshoes toward a metal pole 20 to 40 feet away. You can purchase horseshoe game boards, but the game works just as well with two metal poles and sets of horseshoes for each team. A score is recorded if a player has a horseshoe touching the pole, and the score is doubled if the shoe wraps around the pole perfectly.

The Perfect Backyard Game Ideas

The best backyard game ideas are fun for kids, especially when adults can enjoy the excitement. In addition, engaging in such games at family get-togethers can help foster relationships and social interaction among the whole family and strengthen the bonds between adults and children. You can help boost and strengthen the relationships between you and the youngsters you know with competitive games and a little bit of friendly competition. Enjoy these backyard game ideas!

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